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Tianjin Jinsheng Shengsheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

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Tianjin Qiangsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional research, production and sales of pure natural high quality spray brand aquarium food. All kinds of frozen bait were liquid nitrogen-196 ° C, and then sterilized by instant sterilization. It is also specially designed for (baby fish) bait, production (FD) freeze vacuum drying series and compound feed series aquarium food. With advanced technology and equipment, the company is an export-oriented integrated aquarium food enterprise.
The wave brand aquarium food has always provided the highest quality and most reliable aquarium-specific feed, and the fresh natural raw materials are derived from the mountainous areas without any pollution, and contain a variety of vitamins necessary for ornamental fish. The spray aquarium food raw materials are all carefully selected and used, and the leading liquid nitrogen quick-freezing production process and strict sterilization quality control are adopted. The company's experienced administrators monitor and produce the whole process to ensure the production quality.
Wave brand aquarium foods include: frozen size worm, UV worm, brine shrimp, leeches, rotifers, sword otters, prawn, cyanobacteria shrimp, Antarctic krill, natural red shrimp, young fish opening young brine shrimp, Beef hamburger, surimi, shrimp, hook shrimp, brine shrimp hatching eggs, small white fish...
Wave brand (FD) freeze vacuum drying series: size worm, brine shrimp, Antarctic krill, leeches, prawn, red-headed shrimp, river prawn, red silkworm, bread worm, natural small meat curved hook protein... ...
Wave brand compound feed series: reddening, brightening, increasing body, all kinds of blood parrot feed, turtle, arowana feed, patch, suitable for all kinds of ornamental fish feed...